When a fashionable boxer trunks is combined with comfort, this new revolutionary product gives you all..

…..I am talking about the new and innovative Norwegian boxer trunks called Comfyballs.

057 front, on the inside

Fashion is not only on the outside but also on the inside, two good examples for  women are Victoria Secret lingerie and Agent provocateur.

And now gentlemen of this world, you have the great opportunity to combined Fashion design with comfort.

ANDERS SELVIG,  the  founder and designer of this trunk has spent years to develop this product and the result is really amazing, ADAMSFILES.WORDORESS.COM has tried the product and recommend you to purchase it, because i am sure you care about your balls and your balls deserve better.

comfy 4 Anders Selvig

So, you will ask me, what is so special with this product?, there are many reasons…

1. Cool and fashionable design

2. Cool name

3. rht: reduce heat transfer

4. bsa: balls squeeze avoidance

5. eco: oeko.tex certified

and now about the unique properties of this product..

Designed for ultimate comfort by reducing heat transfer and restricting movement

Super soft oeko-tex certified, cotton (95% ) and elastane ( 5% )

Fitted, flat locks-seams for superior comfort and breathability




Today is the D-Day, the webshop COMFYBALLS.NO will open,  be one of the first owners worldwide  to wear a COMFYBALLS trunks and stay fashionably comfy everyday and for the rest of your life, I can garantee you, women will love…….it.


Be fashionable on the inside too, purchase comfy boxer trunks now!


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