Exclusivity on Adamsfiles: Do you know this man? have you heard about him ? do you know what he is doing ? Well, I am going to tell you his story.. .

I am going to tell you….. You will say that`s sounds like the beginning of the song ” Some die young ” from the swedish female singer Laleh ” but no woorries guys, he is not about to die:-) He is full of life, he works hard, he has passion for what he is doing, he is creative and he is a perfectionnist. With those words guys, I`ll introduce you to:

 Werner Hilberink

Werner has two passion in life, he is DJ and jewelry designer and what ever he is doing or when ever he is at work, he is obsessed to deliver high quality services and products. Werner has played with some of the most famous DJ`s in the world and he loves to express his feelings through music and bring happinness to people on the dance floor.

Werner second passion is to create and that`s what brought him to begin as a jewelry designer. He has done it in four years now and he is not about to stop there. It`s an ideal, it`s a need to make things that people enjoy when they wear it and of course, things that last.

He is very explicit in a way when he says to me I am not making bijouterie but I design and make jewelry that I like and believe in.

Hilberink jewelry was founded by Werner Hilberink,  a dutch goldsmith & designer located on Egertorget located right beside the Norwegian parlement in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

He is making jewels all by himself and create his own jewels create.very concerned to express that he is  using every tool that are available in the market today to get the best results. Sometimes he uses ancient native American granulation techniques and other time the most up to date CAD/CAM design or a combination of different techniques. However, each and every piece has been going through his hands during the creation of the jewel. He hates massiv production of jewel , as he likes to say ” it’s myself and I “.

He likes craftsmanship related to culture and add “Jewelry as personal adornment is as old as man kind”. He got his inspiration from the ancient tribes but also from the present time,  offering elegant and contemporary jewels  – a big bold look – jewels that are appropriate for the casual daily wear

when people buy his creations Werner takes it as a big compliments but he is even more excited when people come with their own wishes, using mainly gold and silver, sometimes combinated with exotics leather and gems. Unlike bijouterie brands, Hilberink jewelry is proud to use just top class materials, further he insists to say: Plastic, nickle, swarovski and other cheaper materials will never be elements in his creations.

Most known from the Hilberink jewelry collection are the DJ related pieces, which are worn by the world most famous DJs like Tiesto, Robbie Rivera, Pleasurekraft, Lottie and Mark Doyle. Just to name a few. DJ headsets, skulls wearing headsets, turntable arms are seen on all of them.

Here is some pictures of his jewels:

  Snake`s skin bracelet   Skullstar pendant

 Skull bangle bracelet  Headphone pendant

 Skull tophat pendant  Skull biker pendant

Well guys, if you like those or  if you want to create your own jewels for yourself, to give away or for a special occasion, do not hesitate!

Send e-mail to: werner@hilberinkjewelry.com or on Facebook, please search Hilberink Jewelry

I hope you enjoyed my post and I wish you all a very pleasant evening.


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